People don’t change. They slowly but surely reveal their true selves inevitably.
Chloe Mitchell (via iamchloemitchell)

Sometimes you gotta take a step aside to get out your own way….Sam Yes


You are beautifully flawed & make perfect mistakes.

-Chloe Mitchell


No criticizing. Only opinion giving. No judgments. Only understanding.

-Chloe Mitchell

For what it’s worth

Dear Liver, I sincerely apologize for what I’m gonna put you through tonight and probably tomorrow as well but I’m gonna be surrounded by Grey Goose, Hennessy and Hennessy Black, Patron, Ciroc and whole bunch of other crazy folks so forgive and while I’m on the subject of apologizing I wanna tell my morals which is not a big part of my life these days, don’t try to show up uninvited your not welcomed!!!!

I’ve been so lazy as of late I really need to cut it out OAN I’ve been doing well in school so I’m happy about that… I’m really excited about Friday we have an insane amount of liquor and a crazy cast of people which are ingredients for an interesting night….

Arrogant? I’ll take it

So I’ve come to the conclusion that most people who don’t know me feel I’m arrogant so fuck it I’ll be exactly what they think I am… My thing is what happened to getting to know someone before you judge but whatever… Truthfully I don’t see anything wrong with being that way most people who are arrogant are usually more driven and more successful so I’m cool with that as long as your not condescending and disrespectful Being arrogant is fine by me….

Its been a good week I’ve been productive and I’m back to my regular self… Class was cool all week I’m actually acting like a student who wants to learn for once lol… Don’t really have plans tonight I really wanna go home and sleep but I doubt I will ill probably go to the gym for a few then either hit a bar or catch a late movie don’t know yet….

What up folks, today has been a longggggg day I’m freakin beat after only getting about 4 hours of sleep I had to be up for my nephews Christening went to that came home for literally a few minutes then I went to the gym with my boy worked out then I went to the park with my other boy to play soccer went home showered then spent time with my family at the cookout which is rare and now I’m about to watch some boxing at my boys house then I’m taking it down… I’m normally a Weekend Warrior but I’m beat today…. Everyone enjoy the rest of there weekend